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The Insurance Company classifies the areas surrounded by the MSS system as closed areas.

The specialty of the product is that our company takes out a full coverage individual insurance (including theft) for all the properties surrounded by the MSS fence system. The Insurance Company sets no upper limit for risk value in the contract.

Our company takes out insurance for the properties stored within the MSS fence system, with very favorable payment limit for damages. Although most of our Clients have insurances, the deductible of these insurances is usually so high, that their insurance companies do not pay the few million or few ten million worth damages. Our system offers coverage for this risk.

In case of damages the Insurance Company pays the actual value of machinery and furnishings and the purchase price for newly bought materials. The insurance covers acts of God too.

The MSS fence system is guaranteed by the Allianz Hungária Biztosító Zrt. and our 10 years of operation without damages.